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 Mother's Day Celebration

Join Us for Mother's Day Celebration

                                                                                                                                                     All Weekends - Sangrias, Entertainment, Relaxation

Meet our new talented team members

Gina  - Super talented hair stylist and Guest Care Assistant Manager-  stop by and say hi to Gina and make her feel welcome


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Aveda Spring Make Up Collection is here  - Forget about leads and chemicals and no kiss lipsticks with full of leads - try our Aveda beautiful fall colors with natural ingredients - all certified organics making you look and feel amazing, chemical free . Try newly formulated AVEDA lipsticks super creamy with a hint of mint.  Each color is selected to go with your skin tone and hair color. You'll love it.


Give Yourself Some Time Off

Life is busy and self-care often falls by the wayside. This month, give yourself some time off and come in for one of our signature spa treatments. Purchase your Instant Gift Certificate and book your appointment today.

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